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"custom furniture production"

About us

The company Amplus pro Object s.r.o. is a purely Czech company founded in 2002. In a relatively short time, the company reached out to a wide range of customers, who found in it a reliable partner in the field of interior design and implementation.

Amplus pro Object s.r.o. offers complete services including furniture production, consultancy, interior visualization in 3D design, supply of all interior elements, furniture assembly, plasterboard work.

An experienced team of experts from Amplus pro Object s.r.o. is aware that in order to achieve the realization of a high-quality and purposeful interior, it is necessary to unite the visions of customers, architects and designers and to respect the required functionality of the proposed unit. The choice of suitable materials, technologies and craftsmanship of all components achieves the perfect final appearance of the interior.

We are able to implement custom-made in various designs - according to wishes and requirements.

chipboard decor, veneer, massive and secure the necessary subcontracts – natural and technische stone, glass, metal elements, upholstery work. 

The company Amplus pro Object s.r.o. specializes in the production of hotel furniture such as rooms, bars, receptions, conference halls, restaurants, offices, but also for private residences.

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Design and interior design in 2D, 3D

Design and interior design are important elements in creating a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also fulfills needs and wishes

Production and delivery of custom-made furniture

The company specializes in the production and delivery of custom-made furniture that meets exactly the specific requirements and needs of the customer.

Installation and assembly of furniture

Installing and assembling furniture is a necessary process in interior design, where individual pieces are installed using special tools and techniques.

Reconstruction and renovation of the interior

Reconstruction and renovation of the interior is a process by which the interior of a house or apartment is improved and modernized in order to create a functional, aesthetically impressive impression.

Advice on choosing materials

Advice on the selection of materials is key to creating a harmonious and high-quality interior that will be fully harmonious and practical

Our works

The company Amplus pro Object specializes in the production and implementation of interiors for a wide range of customers. Our work consists in the design and production of quality furniture and other interior elements that are adapted to the needs and wishes of customers.

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Photo gallery

Photo gallery of the company Amplus pro Object s.r.o. offers a glimpse into the world of modern and elegant furniture. Here you can find inspiration for your own interior projects and also familiarize yourself with the quality products of this renowned Czech company.


Opening hours
: 6:00 - 14:30

Nadrazni 1423/40a, Trest, 58901


Ing. Olga Janáková 

Project manager - CZ, AJ +420 773 281 346

Stanislav Janák

Managing Director- CZ, DE  +420 777 281 345

Ivana Janáková 

Managing Director- CZ +420 777 281 347